Special Engine and Body Conversions.

As with more things in life, some owners like to modify or personalise their Montecarlo or Scorpion. Over the years I got to see some very neat and technically well developed modifications. In the case of engine upgrades, these projects also have modified braking and road holding. 

Please note that most of these modifications are not a matter of days but realised over years and are ongoing projects!

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(S1) Montecarlo, early 1976  (S1) Montecarlo, UK (from April 1977) and some European countries
(S2) Montecarlo, UK and Europe 1980 Scorpion, early 1976 Scorpion, model 1977 (from Nov. 1976)


(S1) Montecarlo (S2) Montecarlo Scorpion (1800cc)



What do some owners want:

More power:

airfilter, exhaust system, desmog tuned standard engine other engine
Better looks: striping, non standard colours body kits, wheels modify to other model


Some alternative air filters for the stock carburettor

E1-Sc846-Eng.jpg (71235 bytes) E1-Sc1400-Eng04.jpg (33968 bytes)
Scorpion  #252 Scorpion  #846 Scorpion  #1400


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Twin carburettors
Fuel Injection
Beta EFI engine 
Beta Volumex engine 

Montecarlo -  Delta turbo


Scorpion - Thema turbo


Montecarlo -  Thema 8.32

Scorpion -  Thesis V6 USA

Montecarlo -  Alfa V6


Other non-Lancia engines 

Fiat, Toyota V6, Electric

Body conversions


Complete projects

USA - UK Scorpion to 037
Montecarlo -  Innovations NZ - AUS


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Twin carburettors

E2-2466-Eng06.jpg (70525 bytes) E2-2864-eng05.jpg (57422 bytes) E2-3313-eng06.jpg (71493 bytes)  
S1, #2466, 2006 S1, #2864, 2005 S1, #3313, 2006   S1, #3135, 2008
E2-4480-Eng05.jpg (86295 bytes) E2-5861-Eng07.jpg (33506 bytes) E2-Sc416-Eng.jpg (28264 bytes)    
S2, #4480, 2005 S2, #5861, 2007 Scorpion  #416    
E2-Sc1728-Eng.jpg (55498 bytes) E2-Sc1696-eng04.JPG (69044 bytes) E2-Sc711-Eng06.JPG (40575 bytes)  
Scorpion  #1728 Scorpion  #1696, 2004 Scorpion  #711, 2006   Scorpion  #841, 2009


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Beta EFI engine transplants

Especially for the Scorpion (1800cc), this is a nice upgrade. Mostly used in the USA is the engine of the Beta Zagato (spider) which is, in most cases, a slick fit without much modification. For Europe the engine of the Beta series 2.0 i.e. will fit. Some engine blocks do need some modification for the engine supports. Advantage is a very smooth to drive engine with a lot of torque at low rpm.

B-Beta-waterpipe2L.jpg (82510 bytes) B-Sc1364-Eng05.jpg (42600 bytes) B-Sc1601_eng01.JPG (84127 bytes)  
Scorpion  #1364 Scorpion  #1601   Scorpion  #1601, 2009
B-Sc1722-Eng01.jpg (83910 bytes) B-Sc866_eng01.jpg (52064 bytes) B-Sc1330-Eng04.jpg (154870 bytes)  
Scorpion  #1722 Scorpion  #866 Scorpion  #1330 EFI on 1.8   Scorpion  #658, 2009


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Beta Volumex engine transplants

Another way of getting more power is the Beta Volumex engine. Fitting requires a lot of modifying on the engine and the car, space is very tight!

V-VXeng01.jpg (63364 bytes) V-Sc1534_02.jpg (36800 bytes) V-Sc1534-eng03.JPG (177342 bytes)
Standard VX engine Scorpion  #1534, 2002 Scorpion  #1534, 2003 Scorpion (DK)  #1463, 2009
V-Sc1776-eng03.jpg (49773 bytes) V-Sc398_eng01.jpg (60486 bytes)
Scorpion  #1776, 2003 Scorpion  #1776, 2009 Scorpion  #398, 2001 Scorpion (DK)  #1463, 2009


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Montecarlo -  Innovations

Several innovative modifications were made by the owner (since 1994) of this original New Zealand 1981 Montecarlo. The car is since 1998 with the owner in Australia.

It has carbon fibre bonnet and engine cover (1.2kg each), carbon bumpers and doors in production, forged BWA rally rims, 4130 chrome molly suspension arms with rose joints everywhere, Koni struts, strut braces etc etc.
The engine is 2000cc with steel crank with NO counterweights, Abarth rods and ARP fasteners through out. Strengthened stud girdle, steel flywheel, forged pistons with custom shaped tops. Abarth head with the ports moved up ion the head for better port angle (that was a very big job) Ferrera single piece valves, springs from a combo of SB Chev and Mitsi Lancer Evo 3, titanium collets and min depth shims in the buckets with lash caps in place of original shim (all that just to make the valve train lighter and he still canít drive) The cams were ground to match the head flow and the manifold was made from 5000 series alloy tube and a set of Hilborn throttle bodies with the injector holes blanked off. The electronic injectors are Cosworth grey with an Evo 3 duel rail. ECU is Autronic with sequential fired injectors etc etc. The engine currently has the turbo off because it had a manifold pressure issue (ie blew the plenum apart) but it used to make about 300hp and eat gear boxes!
Fuel cell in front, oil cooler in front and custom rotors, hats and callipers.

In 2008 it weights 825 kg and I'm going for high 700s with carbon doors.

In other words itís a project.


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