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These replicas vary from as close as possible to the original to "only" bodywork like the original.

Be aware that some cars are offered as original, but they are not!


Group 5 replica (UK) 1994-1998

Including space frames            

Group 5 replica (UK) 2001-2007

Including space frames, car will be raced in the UK
Group 5 replica (USA - ES) 2004-2007 No space frames
037 replica (UK) 1993  

037 replica (UK) 2002

Including space frames

037 replica (UK) 2006-2007-2009

body kit to convert Montecarlo / Scorpion to 037 look
037 replica (USA / UK) 2000-2003 Including space frames
Abarth 030 reborn (BE) 2007 (body kit)  based on Montecarlo S1


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Group 5 replica (UK 1)

By Nigel Frampton, UK. 


The project was started by Nigel

as an unfinished project he purchased in 1994.


The former owner of the car had intended to use a Ferrari V8 and also retain the original suspension.


Nigel decided that this was not the way to go and wanted to do the job in a proper way.

He found an original Gp5 car in Nice (FR) and spent hours looking at, measuring and photographing this car.

Then in 1996 he started on the replica "properly" by cutting the rear and front of the monocoque and fabricating the new replica front and rear subframes, just like the real Group 5. Later the floor was replaced by aluminum sheet and new suspension parts were made like the original Gp5. The interior was also copied and made like the car in France.





It has taken much time, effort and patience to get the bodywork right. You may have noticed that the real cars did suffer a little with poor fitting panels; this is because they were built for a purpose, to win races. But I want to enjoy the looks of my Monte, as much as all the other good things about it!!!, so I have cut the original moulds and made adjustments where necessary, to get a near "perfect fit ".

Nigel: It was a long and laborious job, but the end result is worth it.

Around 2000 the car was painted and with the "Martini" logo's all over it looks great!

After 2000 all information about the car stopped, but surprisingly it was on show at the Classic Le Mans in July 2008 with a new owner!



Presented as an original Lancia Montecarlo Group 5 and now fitted with a 4 cylinder turbo engine it looked beautiful.

Although not running yet then, let's hope it will be soon!



Group 5 replica (UK 2)

Project from Martin Kift. John Day's car, UK.

This is a Montecarlo Turbo Grp 5 look alike. The chassis replicates as closely as possible the original design except where there has been an obvious advantage to deviate. John wants to compete with this car in the 2003 Inter-Marquee Championship.








TNI Gp5_int-2007.jpg (25638 bytes) TNI-BrandsHatch2007.jpg (113265 bytes)

2006 TNI

2006 TNI


2007 will see his return to the Autoitalia Intermarque Championship in the TNI engineered Montecarlo Turbo. This car has been  developed by Martin and John, wringing no fewer than 400 bhp from an 8 valve integrale engine. Weighing in at a meagre 600 kilos this car should show well in what has become one of the premier UK club racing categories.

These specifications are subject to change and may not be current.

Engine Configuration         Mid-mounted, transverse, four cylinders in-line

                                                twin overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder

                                                compression ratio 7.0:1, KKK turbocharger  

                                                82 x 67.5mm, 1426cc

                                                400bhp @ 8,800rpm, 38 kgm torque @ 6000rpm

Gearbox                                5 speeds + reverse, Colotti limited slip differential

Clutch                                     Borg + Beck double-plate clutch

Suspension                             MacPherson struts with Bilstein shock absorbers and adjustable roll-bars

Wheels                                   10 x 15in front wheels with 255/35VR15 tyres

                                                 13.5 x 19in rear wheels with 325/35VR19 tyres

Brakes                                     Lockheed 309mm ventilated discs all round

Dimensions                             Wheelbase     2300mm                          Track

                                                  Length              4600mm                         Width              1990mm

                                                  Height               1100mm                         Weight             780Kg







2009 Goodwood


Updates for this project on (2009 not online)



Group 5 replica (USA, 2004 -  Spain, 2007)

Lancia Turbo GP5 : Scorpion Montecarlo Abarth prototype with LeMans GP-5 Long Tail Bodywork, aluminium doors, composite hood, 037 Double Bubble roof and one-piece, flip-up engine cover, adjustable carbon wing. Garrett T3/T4, intercooled Turbo 1800cc twin cam, Electromotive programmable fuel injection. aluminium fuel cell. Many race and Abarth pieces, 15x8 front, 15x12 rear Magnesium 3piece wheels with new Yokohama AVS ZR DOT street legal tires 205/50 front, 345/35 rear. Wilwood dual callipers, Integrale vented rotors, LEDA coil-overs with Suspension Specialty springs, MOMO seats, steering wheel and shift knob, 6 point safety cage with Sparco 5 point restraints. Speedglass custom windshield. Fire system. 50/50 weight distribution and only 1,811lbs. 320hp., laptop tuneable with data-logging. Capable of 500+ HP! Comfortable and safe to drive really, really fast! Fully licensed, race and street legal. Comes with maintenance and track logs. Additional 'stock doors' with roll-up windows for street use. CA. smog exempt Abarth number and I.D. Plate. This factory based tribute car is a professionally built custom Lancia one-off is fresh from a complete restoration of all mechanicals with all new components. For use this vehicle at local track days, driving tours, or blast through the canyons. 

This car was sold from California to Spain in 2007 where it is repainted in the Martini colours.

Bo-Sc1340-Best of F&It04,Gp5_frt04.jpg (113033 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Best of F&It04,ScorpGp5_Rr04.jpg (89939 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-LFside07.jpg (67877 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Lside07.jpg (79969 bytes)

Best of France&Italy, 2004

Scorpion #1340, 2007
Bo-Sc1340-Lside_panels-up07.jpg (68700 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Rr_Body-up07.jpg (53190 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Int07.jpg (58953 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Trunk-Rad07.jpg (61088 bytes)



037 Conversion (UK), 1987 - 1993

Project from Tim Haddon.

Bo-788-side93.jpg (68540 bytes)
Montecarlo #788, 1993 Montecarlo #788, 2009
2009 2009


This project started in 1987 with the buying of a blue Montecarlo that needed a lot of work. As he always wanted to own a 037, but like most of us couldn’t afford one, he started to convert this Montecarlo. This particular car was imported from Italy to the UK in 1976, well before the original UK introduction!

He had access, at a Lancia dealership in the UK, to a real 037 to take measures and had the body parts fabricated.

Because of the difference in wheelbase between the 037 and Montecarlo, the decision was made not to alter the body, but to lengthen the wheelbase.

A Guy Croft engine with twin Webers was fitted and all the other modifications done. In 1993 the car was ready to enjoy.

Now, in 2009, this car still exists and is still owned and enjoyed by Tim Haddon! The car is still a left hand drive version.



037 Conversion (UK1), 2002

Project from Martin Kift. 

This is a conversion project not a 'Kit car' project for potential buyers. Plans are to make 20 or so conversions, and is tentatively called EVO 3. The car is really aimed at people looking for a competition car, although it would make a really nice replica Stradale 037 road car. The 037 has now had almost all of its development work completed.

The chassis is as authentic as is practical giving the confines of the intended product, workmanship of construction is impeccable, some changes in design were inevitable but have been kept to an absolute minimum.







Info 2009:



037 Conversion (UK2), 2007

Project from John Lambert.

037Repl-Frt07.jpg (125996 bytes) 037Repl-RrShow07.jpg (137337 bytes)

This is the first time a kit for the 037 developed off the genuine car has been readily available to Montecarlo / Scorpion owners. All the panels except the rear wings would fit as direct replacements on a genuine 037 Stradale. The rear wings are authentic although shortened due to the overall length of the standard body shell. 

All the panels needed to convert a standard Montecarlo or Scorpion to 037-looks are available as a kit.


After building four complete cars as above and supplying several body kits, John has now built this one with the full 037 length and a flip-up rear end. Retaining only the standard chassis rails and extending them at the rear by 10.4 cm. Reinforcement is by tubular frames and a roll cage. This conversion will be sold in different stages of completion.



By cutting away most of the inner wings etc. even severely rusted Montes can now be saved!

NO CONTACT ANYMORE FROM 4.2011. Project has stopped.


These body kits and conversion parts may still be available from Guy Moerenhout in Belgium.



Abarth 030 reborn (BE), 2007

001428_030-Rside06-1861_IMG-web.JPG (42631 bytes) 030Frt1-07.jpg (138450 bytes) 030FrtLside2_OBL166-07.jpg (131570 bytes) 030RrRside_OBL166-07.jpg (112312 bytes)

June 2006

April 2007

June 2007

June 2007

In 2006 Guy started working on a body kit to remake the famous Abarth 030, the racing prototype for the Lancia Montecarlo.

Guy Moerenhout has been the owner of a Car & Tuning Workshop since 1971, and decided in 1997 to let everyone enjoy the benefit of his experience and knowledge about all matter Abarth. Guy Moerenhout Racing is The Place To Be when it comes to Abarth sports cars. Guy has a tremendous stock of cars, spare parts and real Abarth engines. Guy Moerenhout re-creates cars with polyester body kits, and restores classic cars.

In 2007 he opened the Abarth works-museum in his new workshop in Lier, near Antwerp.

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