Special Engine and Body Conversions.

Scorpion to 037

USA <2000, UK, 2003

This car is based on a Scorpion body, the builder stated that he started off with a Scorpion that was used in Disney's "Herbie goes to Montecarlo", serial number is not known. The car does have a tube frame. It was built a bit shorter for personal preference. 1.8L engine with serious hot rodding (said 300hp), 914 gearbox, 12" discs with 4 pot callipers all around, "Vortran" 16" rims, Koni coil-overs. Mix & match Corvette & T-bird suspension parts. Lots of potential, but still needed suspension sorting when it was on show in Atlanta in 2000. Note: The engine could be a Fiat 2 litre from the 124, turbo and fuel injection.

In 2003 the car was imported in the UK and will be on the road again. 

US-037_rep1-2000.jpg (68324 bytes) US-037_rep2-2000.jpg (18548 bytes) US-037_Frt02 Atlanta00.jpg (41949 bytes) US-037_repli-02.jpg (29941 bytes)
USA, 2000 USA, 2000 USA, 2000 USA, 2002?
US-037_Rrside02.jpg (28875 bytes) US-037_Rr02.jpg (26429 bytes) US-037_Lside02.jpg (21791 bytes) US-037_Frt02.jpg (35427 bytes)
USA, 2000 wheels called "Fortran"
US-037_RrSubf02.jpg (35075 bytes) US-037_Rr2Subf02.jpg (46928 bytes) US-037_gearb-02.jpg (58267 bytes) US-037_RrSusp02-04.jpg (81853 bytes)
Welded up a tube frame to the 037 general specifications and improvised where needed. A Porsche 914 transaxle with a 930 limited slip differential. A custom stainless exhaust, quad Koni coil-overs. Un-equal length A-arm suspension!
US-037_turbo-02.jpg (36196 bytes) US-037_Rr3Subf02.jpg (48832 bytes) US-037_Eng-03.jpg (74421 bytes) US-037-side03.jpg (58041 bytes)
2003 2003 2003
Taped custom headers with a large (IHI?) turbo capable of 30psig of boost!  This is detuned to the vicinity of 20psig producing 330bhp.
US-037-Rr03.jpg (41605 bytes) US-037_eng1-04.jpg (67828 bytes) US-037_eng2-04.jpg (69308 bytes) US-037_FLU-Ricambi03.jpg (126303 bytes)


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