Special Engine and Body Conversions.

Body Conversions

UK, 2005   ?,?  

Bo-2634-car05.JPG (65169 bytes)

Montecarlo #2634, 2005   Monte-Lambo  

UK, 1986

LDD made this nosecone and the 2-piece rear spoiler in the 1980's.

Bo-3854-Frt86.jpg (104999 bytes) Bo-3854-FrtSide86.jpg (109906 bytes)

Montecarlo #3854, 1986


UK, 1991: Ferrari 288 GTO / 308


Bo-1648-Ferrari91.jpg (60908 bytes) Bo-1648-Frt-home93.jpg (44604 bytes)

Montecarlo #1648, 1991 - 1993;  

This conversion started in 1988 and was finished in 1991. The basis was a 1976 LHD Montecarlo (#1648), bought in the UK and converted to RHD. The model choice was influenced by the Pininfarina design of both models and they had about the same basic side contour. The new body form was made from polyurethane foam and glass fibre. It uses the original Lancia engine cover, cut away rear wings and only a small part of the original front bonnet in the middle. The car now has 13" Compomotive wheels and the standard 2 litre engine. Twin round rear lights are original Ferrari 308.

This is really a "one off" project that took 3 years to complete, but the result is a smashing car!

The car was sold by its creator in 1994 and after that last seen in the London area.

Full report in Cars and Car Conversions 10.1991.

In November 2009 the car was offered for sale in West Yorkshire as 'Ferrari 288 GTO recreation' with 3 piece Speedline alloys.


UK, 1993  See also story in replica.html

Bo-788-side93.jpg (68540 bytes)
Montecarlo #788, 1993 2009 2009

UK, 1990

Bo-KCG300Y-90.jpg (49422 bytes) Bo-KCG300YRr-90.jpg (75473 bytes)
Montecarlo, Barry Waterhouse / Ital Tune 1990


Bo-UK-harlequin-Frt.jpg (65756 bytes) Bo-UK-harlequin-Rr.jpg (47129 bytes)


Index Conversions


BE, 2004

Bo-BE-Frt04.jpg (18264 bytes) Bo-BE-Rr04.jpg (18605 bytes) Bo-BE-side04.jpg (17784 bytes)
Belgium 2004

BE, 2006 - 2007

001428_030-Rside06-1861_IMG-web 030FrtLside2_OBL166-07
Montecarlo conversion to 030, 2006 Montecarlo conversion to 030, 2007; See more info in Replicas

BE, 2007 - 2008

Led Design Innovation (LDI) a Belgium creator of architectural LED lighting, part of ETAP Lighting (a European manufacturer of functional lighting in Belgium), bought this Montecarlo #2670 in The Netherlands. In 2008 it was restored and converted to an eye catcher on international lighting fairs.

10.2007, as bought 1.2008, restoring 2.2008, promotion
2.2008: The magnificent "Led Design Coupe" equipped with some of their latest innovative LED products.

Thanks to www.eenendertig.be and LDI for supplying the latest info and photos.


F, 2002

Bo-MC_6456RW54-side02.jpg (28365 bytes) Bo-MC_6456RW5402.jpg (26541 bytes)
France 2002

DE, 2002 

Bo-DE_B04809-Frt02.jpg (73576 bytes) Bo-DE_B04809-Side02.jpg (64395 bytes) Bo-DE_B04809-Rr02.jpg (60534 bytes)
Germany 2002: twin carbs, Gp. 4 look


Italy, Gp.4 look

Bo-Ita-GE949955-FrtGp4.jpg (52544 bytes) Bo-Ita-GE949955-RrGp4.jpg (48091 bytes)


CH, 2007

This car was imported from Italy to Switzerland in 1986 and was since then used by the same owner at Hockenheim, Dijon and several slalom and hill climb races in Switzerland.

Bo-1186-Lside07.jpg (81265 bytes) Bo-1186-RRrside07.jpg (77966 bytes) Bo-1186-RrWing07.jpg (57153 bytes) Bo-1186-Seat07.jpg (60335 bytes)
Montecarlo #1186, 2007
Bo-1186-IntDash07.jpg (64451 bytes) F-1186-Eng07.jpg Bo-1186-Eng-FImanif07.jpg (69432 bytes) Bo-1186-EngFIpump07.jpg (68372 bytes)
Mechanical fuel injection


Index Conversions

USA, 2003

Bo-Sc1698-2Frt03.JPG (70296 bytes) Bo-Sc1698-Frt03.JPG (34363 bytes)
Scorpion #1698, 2003


Bo-Sc299-Side04.jpg (23561 bytes) Montecarlo_Convertible.jpg (51658 bytes)
Scorpion #299, 2004 Convertible, see also Convertible

USA, 2004 - 2007 Spain

Lancia Turbo GP5 : Scorpion Montecarlo Abarth prototype with LeMans GP-5 Long Tail Bodywork, aluminium doors, composite hood, 037 Double Bubble roof and one-piece, flip-up engine cover, adjustable carbon wing. Garrett T3/T4, intercooled Turbo 1800cc twin cam, Electromotive programmable fuel injection. aluminium fuel cell. Many race and Abarth pieces, 15x8 front, 15x12 rear Magnesium 3piece wheels with new Yokohama AVS ZR DOT street legal tires 205/50 front, 345/35 rear. Wilwood dual callipers, Integrale vented rotors, LEDA coil-overs with Suspension Specialty springs, MOMO seats, steering wheel and shift knob, 6 point safety cage with Sparco 5 point restraints. Speedglass custom windshield. Fire system. 50/50 weight distribution and only 1,811lbs. 320hp., laptop tuneable with data-logging. Capable of 500+ HP! Comfortable and safe to drive really, really fast! Fully licensed, race and street legal. Comes with maintenance and track logs. Additional 'stock doors' with roll-up windows for street use. CA. smog exempt Abarth number and I.D. Plate. This factory based tribute car is a professionally built custom Lancia one-off is fresh from a complete restoration of all mechanicals with all new components. For use this vehicle at local track days, driving tours, or blast through the canyons. 

This car was sold from California to Spain in 2007 where it will be repainted in the Martini colours.

Bo-Sc1340-Best of F&It04,Gp5_frt04.jpg (113033 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Best of F&It04,ScorpGp5_Rr04.jpg (89939 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-LFside07.jpg (67877 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Lside07.jpg (79969 bytes)

Best of France&Italy, 2004

Scorpion #1340, 2007
Bo-Sc1340-Lside_panels-up07.jpg (68700 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Rr_Body-up07.jpg (53190 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Int07.jpg (58953 bytes) Bo-Sc1340-Trunk-Rad07.jpg (61088 bytes)

Spain 2008

USA, 1983 - 2006

We believe the original builder of the race car was Leo Weber. Was he the original owner? Leo owned an auto repair business (specializing in Nissan) in Manhattan Beach, CA. Before 1990 the car was up on a steel rack in front of his shop, basically being used as a sign. We assume he raced the car in California SCCA events. The car has the number '5', SCCA stickers and 'SP' near the number 5. The car was raced in the 1983 IMSA Camel GT Sears Point 3 Hours (GTO class) with co-driver Wolfgang Nachsel. There are 'IMSA' and 'Camel GT' stickers on the doors. 

In the early 1990's, the car was sold to John M. Hoyt who drove the car on the streets of Los Angeles for several years. He painted the car in grey and black primer to cut down on police 'attention'. The car was eventually taken to Arkansas and then on to South Carolina. The engine currently in the car is apparently a production Lancia 2 litre. When John bought the car, he did not buy the race engine. The race engine was supposed to have been a 4-valve, turbo 4 cylinder. It is said the 2.1L turbo 16V race engine was claimed to have over 600HP.

Bo-Sc653--IMSA-Racing83.jpg (37140 bytes) Bo-Sc653--Rside.jpg (69268 bytes) Bo-Sc653--Rr view.jpg (67465 bytes)
Scorpion IMSA, 1983 Scorpion, 2006
Bo-Sc653-FrtTop_nose-off06.jpg (70025 bytes) Bo-Sc653--Int-Lside.jpg (69434 bytes) Bo-Sc653-orgfender.jpg (87190 bytes)

In 2006 the car was sold on Ebay and transported to Texas where the restoration started. Plans are to keep the car track-only. Once completed, it will be taken to car shows and maybe a few track days. Follow the progress at: http://projectlancia.com/ .

Index Conversions

Japan, 2004

Bo-Sc1728-side04.jpg (36087 bytes) Bo-Sc1728Frt04.jpg (50861 bytes) E2-Sc1728-Eng.jpg (55498 bytes)

Scorpion #1728, 2004 Gp.4 conversion

Italy, 1984 Jolly Club

Bo-Jolly05Frt84.jpg (61842 bytes) Bo-Jolly05RrTop84.jpg (67274 bytes) Bo-Jolly05side84.jpg (54311 bytes)
Bo-Jolly05Int84.jpg (60435 bytes) F-JollyClub5-eng84.jpg (46188 bytes) Bo-Jolly05Boot84.jpg (34205 bytes)
Montecarlo by Jolly Club #0005, 1984


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