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Monte Racing and Rally versions.

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BE 005525 (See also Engine Conversions,

Thema 8.32)


037 - Toleman GT

UK 1983 - 1985, Finland 1994 - 2007

Scorpion IMSA  

Bo-Sc653--IMSA-Racing83.jpg (37140 bytes) USA 1983 - 2006

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Unidentified Racing and Rally versions.

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Klaus Nemeth, Hill climb Rally Monte Carlo Historique 2006



037 GT (UK 1983-1985)    

Brands Hatch(GB) Aug 1984

Jim McGaughay's long-awaited Lancia Rally GT made its debut on September 25, 1983 at the Doune Hillclimb (Scotland) driven by co-owner Jimmy Jack; next Sunday was its first race at Ingliston. It will be seen in a full season of GT events in 1984.

The car was based on the ex-Chris Cramer Toleman TG280/10 hillclimb chassis, shortened by 4 ins, powered by a 1.9 BMW F2 engine and clothed in kevlar panels obtained directly from Cesare Fiorio and collected from Turin. Almost everybody in the GT series elected for the aerodynamic Lotus Esprit silhouette, but Jack and McGaughay wanted something a bit different!

At Donington, 12 August 1984 it finished 2nd overall, first in class with Jim McGaughay and won the overall Donington GT Championship. The car was for sale in 1984 at a price of 12,000 Pds.

In June 1985 McGaughay converted the car to CanAm specification, Group 5, for some rounds of the German Interseries.




CanAm specification 1985


The whereabouts and further racing history is unknown to me.

Well, that was up to early September 2007 when I received information from Finland:

Car is now in Finland where it was first raced, if I remember right, in 1994 by Ahti Juusela with a Ford engine and also in 1995, now with Mazda 13B wankel engine.

Then it was bought by the team where I work for hobby. We used it for racing in from 1996 – 2000. We had 3 good results in the Finnish championship with that car: 1996 second, 1997 champion and 2000 second driven by Jari Kamarainen (Kämäräinen).

In 2000 the Finnish rules changed and we couldn’t race any more. So it was in a garage until last year (2006) when we raced in two races in Finland , thanks to Estonian rules. And also one race this year (2007).

It still has the wankel engine. In the last race this year the crown wheel broke, so we didn’t get a result. Now we are looking for parts to repair.

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These pictures were made in 2000

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T-P8240101-web.jpg (44228 bytes)

This is how the car looks in 2007


If you have any more info about the years between 1985 and 1994, please let me know
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USA, 1983 - 2006

We believe the original builder of the race car was Leo Weber. Was he the original owner? Leo owned an auto repair business (specializing in Nissan) in Manhattan Beach, CA. Before 1990 the car was up on a steel rack in front of his shop, basically being used as a sign. We assume he raced the car in California SCCA events. The car has the number '5', SCCA stickers and 'SP' near the number 5. The car was raced in the 1983 IMSA Camel GT Sears Point 3 Hours (GTO class) with co-driver Wolfgang Nachsel. There are 'IMSA' and 'Camel GT' stickers on the doors. 

In the early 1990's, the car was sold to John M. Hoyt who drove the car on the streets of Los Angeles for several years. He painted the car in grey and black primer to cut down on police 'attention'. The car was eventually taken to Arkansas and then on to South Carolina. The engine currently in the car is apparently a production Lancia 2 litre. When John bought the car, he did not buy the race engine. The race engine was supposed to have been a 4-valve, turbo 4 cylinder. It is said the 2.1L turbo 16V race engine was claimed to have over 600HP.

Bo-Sc653--IMSA-Racing83.jpg (37140 bytes) Bo-Sc653--Rside.jpg (69268 bytes) Bo-Sc653--Rr view.jpg (67465 bytes)
Scorpion IMSA, 1983 Scorpion, 2006
Bo-Sc653-FrtTop_nose-off06.jpg (70025 bytes) Bo-Sc653--Int-Lside.jpg (69434 bytes) Bo-Sc653-orgfender.jpg (87190 bytes)

In 2006 the car was sold on Ebay and transported to Texas where the restoration started. Plans are to keep the car track-only. Once completed, it will be taken to car shows and maybe a few track days. Follow the progress at: .



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