Conversion projects with Lancia Delta engine.

The Netherlands, Montecarlo Delta 16V turbo

This is one of the most technically extensive modifications I have seen. 

Around 1993 the first stage of the conversion was finished with a standard Lancia Delta Integrale 16V turbo engine producing 210 bhp. The engine is tilted, instead of the 20 degrees forward in the Delta, backwards 20 degrees  to give space for the intercooler and exhaust manifold and also putting a bit more weight on the rear wheels. The change in mounting angle (now like the standard Montecarlo/Scorpion) incorporated a lot of internal engine changes. Braking was improved with a special big servo for all wheels and big ventilated discs (26 and 28 cm). A custom made stainless steel exhaust system was designed and the Montecarlo gearbox casing was fitted with some special gear ratios and with a final drive of 3,42:1 this gives 47,31 km/h per 1000 rpm in 5th gear. Also an adjustable, from 20-80%, limited slip differential was fitted. The fuel tank is kept on it's original place, a bit modified, to maintain the weight distribution. All four wings, bumpers and the front bonnet were made from GRP.

In 2000 further improvement of the chassis was carried out with, almost, the complete rear-end structure and the sills now made from stainless steel to get more strength for the extra power.

In 2006 the engine was up-rated with special pistons, camshafts, bigger turbo with special exhaust manifold etc. and now delivers 325 bhp without sacrifice to driveability. The acceleration and top speed are just phenomenal! Also the rear end of the car was widened to give the car a better look from behind. Front rims are now 8.5" with 205/50 ZR 15 and rear 9.5" with 225/50 ZR 15 tyres.

The car is used as a daily driver and for some track days and sprints (drag racing).

D-839-Eng05.jpg (93982 bytes) D-839-car05.jpg (52715 bytes) D-839-car07.jpg (63634 bytes) D-838-Rrclose06.JPG (70876 bytes)
Montecarlo #839, 2005 Montecarlo #839, 2005 Montecarlo #839, 2006          2006
D-839-Mod-gearb93.jpg (70454 bytes) D-839-LSdiff93.jpg (35108 bytes) D-839-Eng06.jpg (64479 bytes) D-839-Brakebooster93.jpg (62422 bytes)
2006, engine upgrade
D-839-Int07.jpg (65090 bytes) D-839-Instr05.jpg (59029 bytes) D-839-Workshop93.jpg (44539 bytes) D-839-SpWin07.jpg (81395 bytes)


Assen racetrack 2007

Download the movie from Assen 2007: (Right click and Save as)  Download   ( 9 Mb)


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Germany / Norway, Scorpion Delta 16V turbo

This Scorpion came from Florida, USA to Germany in 1991. In 1995 the car was completely restored and converted and registered in Germany.

Over the 4 years, it's German owner not only give it a total bare metal restoration but also completely transformed it with a lot of Lancia Delta integrale bits. Next to the very nice fitting of the Delta 16V engine the emphasis was on the optical body appearance inside and outside. 

The intercooler and oilcooler were positioned in good looking air entries left and right behind the doors and the engine cover got more air slits to cope with the Delta engine. To upgrade the braking he used Fiat Uno turbo disks and a brake booster from the Lancia Thema. Front wheels are 16" and rear 17" and together with Koni shockabsorbers and lowered springs the road holding was improved. The fuel tank  is now relocated in the luggage space in the front and is a 60 litre foam filled racing fuel tank.

Engine fitting is so tight that there is a hatch behind the seats to get access to the plugs and dipstick! The exhaust system was self made with a Delta integrale EVO muffler. The gearbox came from a Lancia Thema.

The builder of this special only used it in the summer and the car was sold to Norway in 2006 to another Lancia addict.

D-Sc508-Eng06.jpg (80126 bytes) D-Sc508-Ls_up05.jpg (28060 bytes) D-Sc508-Frt05.jpg (32897 bytes) D-Sc508-Rr05.jpg (31264 bytes)
Scorpion #508, 2006 Germany 2005 Germany 2005 Germany 2005
D-Sc508-Rside06.jpg (41744 bytes) D-Sc508-Rair06.jpg (39580 bytes) D-Sc508-Ecov05.jpg (28260 bytes) D-Sc508-Nor07.jpg (30023 bytes)
Norway 2006 Norway 2006 Norway 2006 Norway 2007
D-Sc508-hedge03.JPG (48737 bytes) D-Sc508-Frt06.JPG (65046 bytes) D-Sc508-TrackF07.JPG (64154 bytes) D-Sc508-TrackRS07.JPG (41715 bytes)
2005 Norway 2006 Norway 2007 Norway 2007


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USA, Delta 8V turbo

This Scorpion has the Delta 8V engine fitted upright and the body restyled in a 037 Rally look. Headlights are Delta EVO 2.

D-Sc585-Eng05.jpg (70793 bytes) D-Sc585-car05.jpg (44935 bytes) D-Sc585-Rr05.jpg (80371 bytes)
Scorpion #585, 2005 Scorpion #585, 2005 Scorpion #585, 2005


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UK, Delta 8V turbo

This, apparently,  converted to racer Montecarlo was for sale in the UK in 2005. Regrettably there is no certainty about the, real, VIN of this car. Sometime ago it had a Delta 8V turbo engine and gearbox fitted with the standard Delta inclination of the engine. The rest of the car had definitely a racing look in the inside! Probably this car was exported in 2006 to ????

D-0274X-eng05.jpg (119893 bytes) D-0274X-fuel.jpg (95589 bytes) D-0274X-Int05.jpg (84387 bytes) D-274X-Top05.jpg (55082 bytes)
Montecarlo #0274?, 2005 Montecarlo #0274?, 2005 Montecarlo #0274?, 2005 Montecarlo #0274?, 2005


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