Special Engine and Body Conversions.



Most turbo conversions were done in the USA on several Scorpions

T-Sc1340-Eng_1-07.jpg (53921 bytes) T-Sc1680-Eng2-06JPG.jpg (95458 bytes) T-Sc1680-Eng3-06JPG.jpg (99850 bytes) T-Sc1788-Eng.jpg (658939 bytes)
Scorpion  #1340, 2007 Scorpion  #1680, 2006 Scorpion  #1680, 2006 Scorpion  #1788
T-Sc219_eng.jpg (87748 bytes) T-Sc482_engi.jpg (272935 bytes) T-Sc-eng02.jpg (99005 bytes) T-Sc1547-Eng1-07.jpg (74773 bytes)
Scorpion  #219 Scorpion  #482 Scorpion  2002 Scorpion  #1547, 2007
T-Sc024_eng09.jpg (83938 bytes) T-Sc866_eng-Turbo02.jpg (159547 bytes) T-Sc866_eng-Concorso-04.jpg (320815 bytes) T-Sc866_Rr-Nw.jpg (675491 bytes)
Scorpion  #024, 2009 Scorpion  #866, 2002 Scorpion  #866, 2004 Scorpion  #866, 2004



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Fuel injection

Several cars were modified with (mechanical) fuel injection systems. In most cases this also involved more engine modifications like camshafts and different compression ratio etc.

F-JollyClub5-eng84.jpg (46188 bytes) F-1186-Eng07.jpg (84564 bytes) F-4932-eng.JPG (84473 bytes) F-4932-fueltank.JPG (82851 bytes)
Montecarlo - Jolly Club, 1984 Montecarlo #1186, 2007 Montecarlo #4932, 2005 Montecarlo #4932, 2005

Use of the Beta, Fiat or aftermarket EFI (i.e.) systems is also adapted on some cars.

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Other engines

Thesis V6, USA

In 2004 this Scorpion was converted to Montecarlo looks and a Alfa Romeo 164 3.0 V6 engine fitted. This engine started to get major problems. Moving to a Lancia Thesis engine just seemed more honest.

In 2009 a Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 24V engine was acquired from Italy. This engine is based on the Alfa 166 engine but a bit refined for Lancia use in the Thesis and delivers 215 hp.

Front crank pulley and crank angle sensor were retained from the earlier Alfa 24V, for ECU compatibility. Engine management is a 164 24V Bosch Motronic unit, running an after market chip.

The gearbox is a 1995 164Q, upgraded with an Alfa Q2 LSD and Alfa cable shifter parts. The rear crossmember has been strengthened and modified with a section for the front exhaust to pass through.

The brakes are vented 284 mm discs on each corner. The brake upgrade includes Brembo two pot fixed calipers sourced from front of the Alfa 75. An adjustable brake bias is knob is located near the brake master cylinder. The hubs were modified from 4 x 98 to 5 x 98.

Other upgrades include an aluminum fuel tank in front and an aluminum flywheel.


    Scorpion #1638, 2010     Lancia Thesis


Alfa V6, UK

End 1991 this Montecarlo was acquired and a 5 year body restoration started. Very early in the process it was decided to change the engine for a Alfa Romeo 3.0 litre V6 with 200 bhp, a fairly easy decision but a lot more work! Of course suspension and breaks were upgraded. Apart from the lights the body was kept standard. 

After a lot of fun with the car, in 2005 the engine got Supercharged! 

A-2611-car05.JPG (61949 bytes) A-2611-Eng03.JPG (79336 bytes) A-2611-eng05.JPG (71884 bytes) AutoItalia_v6monte1.jpg (110360 bytes) AutoItalia_v6monte2.jpg (138793 bytes)
Montecarlo #2611, 2005 2003 2005

AutoItalia magazine 1999


Other Non-Lancia engines

The alternative to use a Fiat engine is tempting as to availability, but the engine needs a lot of modifications! Only advisable if you have Montecarlo or Scorpion spare cam towers, sump etc. 

O-Sc1199-Eng05.jpg (37380 bytes) O-Sc678_eng01.JPG (18340 bytes) Scorp 100719-EV_Eng3-06.jpg (91469 bytes)
Scorpion  #1199, 2005 


Scorpion  #678, 2001 

Toyota V6

Scorpion  #719, 2006 Electric

See also the special page

2007: The Toyota project stopped and the electric engine car is now being restored.


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