The Scorpion EV (Electric Vehicle).

Oh yes, it does exists! Now since 2006 in the hands of a new enthusiastic owner in Seattle. 

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Pictures were taking in Seattle 2006 with the car in the condition as it just arrived from California.

In 1985 Karl Morin was the owner of Scorpion #719 and created this very special EV conversion in 1998. 

Comments from the current owner: The car is powered by (24) sealed lead-acid batteries providing 144volts to a (30 hp) DC motor. The motor mounts directly to the standard transmission by way of a custom adapter plate. The power is regulated through a Curtis motor controller. I drive it regularly on my 10 mile round trip commute to work. It's current total range is probably 20-25 miles, but I've never fully tested it. It drives very much like a normal car, except I can start in 3rd or 4th gear (draws higher amperage) and you can release the clutch while stopped (because the motor doesn't idle). That also means the car is completely silent when you come to a stop, which is an odd experience. a friend of mine who has a regular scorpion and drove this said the power was fairly similar. The current controller is 500amps, but the favoured controller in EV circles now is the Zillla 1k. Perhaps some day I can upgrade my battery pack and controller for truly smoking performance, but for now I'm happy plugging my car in at night to refill. It still needs a lot of work though. The front windshield is cracked (from the mirror mount), the struts are shot, to paint is crap, front bonnet is hacked, it has no roof, interior's rough, etc., etc. It was originally Azzurro blue and is now a yellow (hope to change that someday)

Technical info:

1976 Lancia Scorpion

144volt system, (24) Hawker SLA batteries routed in buddy-pairs

500amp Curtis 1231c controller

Kostov DC motor

Zivan charger


Car history and details by the current owner.    See also for all details and updates.

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Arnoud Coenen, NL. June 2007