About  this website.


The main purpose of this website is to find ‘new’ cars for the registry and to share information with all users. 

If you own one of these beautiful cars or if you just need some information ...feel free to send me an Email.




It all began in 1990 when I bought my Lancia Scorpion and after a full restoration it was ready to drive in 1995. Then I started to collect more and more information and articles about the car. I also came across some registries, but they were (almost) all for one country only.


This website started in 1999 as a typical homepage to promote and share the interest in the history of the Lancia Montecarlo and its derivatives: Scorpion, Group 5 and 037 Rally.

The core of it was then (and is now) the worldwide registry of all known cars and to publish the race and rally results.


Over the years the subjects were extended with special versions (engine and body), movies with a Montecarlo or Scorpion and much more.


To cover some of the costs I compiled a CD with probably all the manuals and data for the Montecarlo/Scorpion and a lot of other useful information on it.


For privacy reasons I choose not to list owner’s names etc. General history of a specific car is available to the owner.






Registry start:

Dave Shindle for the US Scorpion

Rod Shipley, www.montecarlo.org.uk, for the UK Montecarlo

Giampaolo Malara for Italian and some other European Montecarlo (1997-2000)

And later on of course all owners and enthusiasts and some local registries who supplied data of their cars after this website started and doubled the entries of known cars!


Race and Rally results:

It all started with data based on Autosport Magazine UK.

Later extended with data from other publications and owners and now more accurate and extensive then in some books.



Most data came from the car owners and also from my own research.



I try to use only ‘free’ material for general interest and I have no commercial or any other interest in any company!

In most countries it is allowed to use data from this website for private use. If you copy literally for publication use, I think it’s fair to mention this source.

The www-links were correct with my latest update, but I am not responsible for their content.


All the data and information is verified and as complete as possible, but any comment or addition is very welcome!



Arnoud Coenen



October 2009